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Epistola sui Rinuccini pervenuta dalla Francia

Pochi giorni è pervenuta un quesito scritto in inglese dalla Francia sui Rinuccini, famiglia che vantava molti possedimenti nella località di Empoli Vecchio tra cui la celebre e omonima villa di Empoli Vecchio.
Il quesito in sintesi domanda chiarimenti sulla fusione dello stemma dei Rinuccini con la famiglia dei Barberini.
La mia risposta, altrettanto in inglese, trova spunto in un documento attestante l’unione matrimoniale dell’ultimo discendente dei Rinuccini, Tommaso, si sposa con Anna Barberini.

edificio in Empoli Vecchio 2012
uno degli edifici posseduti in passato dai Rinuccini, loc. Empoli Vecchio

Dear sir,

This message has to do with your knowledge of the Runiccini family and its heraldry. 
As I have never registered with facebook, this address is the only one available to me.
I have been working for the last couple of years on Renaissance Venetian glass, pilgrim flasks and tazze. I use the heraldry to date the objects, and determine the family that ordered them from the Murano workshops.
I have, so far, published two papers in the Journal of Glass Studies published by theCorning Museum of Glass,NewYork. Just to establish the seriousness of my request. The two flasks I studied in these papers can be dated from the end of the 15th, beginning of the 16th century.
Among the list of an 1897 auction I found a description of a glass tazza, with a coat of arms at the cup bottom.  From the description, the Renuccini coat of arms appears on the left (dexter) and the very easy to identify Barberini coat of arms on the right (sinister) side.
– Can these two shields be explained (it does not appear so from what I could read) by a union between a male member of the Runiccini family with a lady of the Barberini family ?
– The Bargello museum, in Florence, owns “Vaso di smalto bianco con lo stemma Rinuccini Medici. 

Sec. XVII” whose picture can be found on the internet. Though later, can this association be explained by  an alliance between the two families ? If not, what is the meaning of this coat of arms ?

The case seems similar to the one I am trying to understand.
Unfortunately the whereabouts of the tazza sold in Paris in 1897 are not known to-day.
But it poses an interesting question,and I am looking for an answer.
 I hope I am not taking too much of your time.
Best wishes.
Danielle V.,  Paris, France

La mia risposta:

Tommaso Rinuccini, son of Eleonora Rinuccini (last member of this family) married Anna Barberini occurred in the nineteenth century.
I’d suggest you to read page number 20 about this E-book:
Stemma dei Rinuccini:

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